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2-way Active Bi-Amplified DSP Shallow Speaker

• Flush or Surface Mount
• Exceptional Dynamics and Finesse
• Active Bi-Amplified / Integrated Digital Signal Processing / Room EQ
• Calibration, Diagnostics, and 24/7 monitoring Over IP
• 4” and 6” deep versions

Basic Specifications

• Dual 6.5” woofers
• 1” dome in CSA™ waveguide
• Max SPL 1m Long-Short: 108-115dB
• 80Hz to 20kHz
• 300W rack amplifier
• DSP x-over and room EQ
• 36”x13”x4”

Mounting Kit Options

• On-wall Concealed by screen or stretched fabric.
• On-wall Visible: Fabric shroud with painted end-caps & mounting cleats.
• In-wall Visible: Perimeter trim ring & fabric-covered grille frame.


Rixos-M Speaker Brochure

Rixos-M Specification Sheet

Rixos-M Installation and Operation Manual